Chimney Inspection

Our Fireplace & Chimney Installation Services

Chase Covers

The metal covering that protects your prefabricated chimney from leaks is the chase cover. We sell and replace worn and rusted chase covers with stainless steel covers that are guaranteed to not rust, ensuring high-quality protection.


Our lock-top dampers are made of stainless steel, durable cast aluminum, and have a mounted handle. They securely seal your chimney, preventing rain and animals from entering. Meanwhile, our lyemance dampers are similar to the lock-top damper, but are made of solid, non-rusting aluminum and open with an accessible cable inside your fireplace.

Gas Logs

We sell and install R.H. Peterson gas logs, which are renowned for their beauty and authenticity, along with everything you need to keep your gas logs clean and functional. We offer Rutland products such as glowing embers, silica sand, and lava rock.

Wood Stoves & Stovepipes

We proudly sell and install U.S. Wood Stove Company, Vermont Castings, and Metal-Fab wood stoves and stovepipes. They are available in many different styles such as classic wood, traditional cast iron, red stove, catalytic, and non-catalytic.


We sell and install prefab fireplaces with timeless designs, quality craftsmanship, and the latest burning technology. Prefab fireplaces resemble masonry fireplaces but save you time and money due to the fact that they are built in the factory with lightweight materials.

Fireplace Doors

We offer Design Specialities glass fireplace doors that reduce air loss with an airtight seal, radiate heat into the room, and prevent downdrafts. Design Specialities offer 35 different finish options for you to choose from. So let Sootmaster install your fireplace doors to enhance your hearth and bring safety and style to your home.

Chimney Fans

We install Enervex chimney fans that are easily controlled, and quiet, and provide an adequate draft in airtight homes. They are made of heat-resistant materials, come in four different sizes, and boast low operating costs.

Ash Dump Doors

We can either install ash dump doors to the back of your fireplace or on the outside of your chimney. We sell cast iron and stainless steel ash dump doors that are not only durable but also attractive. Ultimately, ash dump doors prevent that hesitation and hassle to clean out your fireplace.

Don’t Wait Till Something Catastrophic Happens

Most people wait until there is already a problem with their chimney to fix it. This thinking can lead the repair to be more costly and more work has to be done to remedy the problem. 

Schedule a chimney sweep and inspection today. Be proactive, and save money.