We are a little more than halfway into our year of 2020, and although it has not been one of the most riveting, the question still stands- have you had your annual chimney inspection? With the presidential election, a global pandemic, and civil rights protests, we understand that it may be easy to forget about your chimney inspection. That is why we want to remind you how important it is! It is recommended that you schedule one annual chimney inspection to ensure safety and proper usage. It is never too late to get a chimney inspection! Chimney sweeps operate year-round, the off-season being in the summer and the busiest times being in the Fall. We always suggest that you get a chimney inspection during the summer, so that you can get an appointment in while you can. During the Fall, chimney sweep servicing companies tend to get booked 3-6 weeks ahead at a time, since the weather is colder, more people need to use their fireplace for warmth.

Level One Inspection is the most common type of inspection. If you do not use your fireplace often, or only a few times a year with no issues then this will be the inspection suggested. A level one inspection includes a visual investigation of the flue and all readily accessible areas of the chimney. This includes the chimney exterior and portions of the interior. Technicians will look for visible signs of damage, wear, or cracks.

Level Two Inspection is typically done when they are changes being made. For example, a level two inspection is necessary when you are going to sell your home, relining a flue, or change the type of fuel you use for your fireplace. Level two inspections are also needed when a major accident happens that may have damaged your chimney. Earthquakes, hurricanes, or any external damage that occurred to your chimney will have to be inspected to ensure that it is safe to use. A ladder is used to access the roof to view the chimney from the top. A camera, called a “Chim-Scan” can be utilized to look through all areas of the inside of the chimney.

Level Three Inspection least common inspection, it is the most thorough inspection and the most all-inclusive. The technician will provide an in-depth report of your chimney by examining all areas of the chimney, inside and out. Exterior, interior, readily accessible, and even concealed areas of the chimney will be surveyed for safety. Removal of structures or parts of the chimney may be necessary. The technician will do a full examination of the chimney, unlike level one or two, a level three inspection implies that there is an underlying issue in hard-to-reach concealed areas.

We want you and your chimney to be safe this year! It is important that you get your recommended annual inspection. By doing an inspection it allows the technician, and you, to know the exact status of your chimney. You never know if you might have a water leak, cracked brick, or animals in the chimney! A full comprehensive inspection by our certified technicians you can find out now! Do not forget your annual inspection this crazy year of 2020, give us a call today!