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At Animals Out Chimney Repair Tuscaloosa, we provide you with excellent and professional chimney repairs and services in Tuscaloosa. Likewise, our customer is our top priority and we look forward to serving you.

For over 30 years, our team has provided you with quality care to ensure accuracy and care for your home. Animals Out Chimney Repair Tuscaloosa will make sure you are notified with updates regarding arrival times.

You call a plumber when you have plumbing issues.  You call an electrician when you need electrical work done. And when you need chimney repairs? Call Animals Out Chimney Repair Tuscaloosa so we can fix it and keep your house safe and protected! We offer the best prices in town, guaranteed!

Tuscaloosa Chimney Care after Animal Removal

One of the reasons animals take shelter within chimneys, is because chimneys provide safety during turbulent weather. Consequently, these animals can bring debris into your chimney, damage the inside of your chimney, and even bring other creatures inside your chimney. Therefore, we will make sure that the chimney is thoroughly inspected so that you can use your fireplace without worries.

In addition to animal removal, we also install chimney caps. Lock top dampers are the most common for your chimney animal needs. They are inserted at the top of your chimney to prevent animals from entering your chimney. Additionally, we check the flue to make sure the animal did not cause a hole in it. As well, we also check to ensure the animal did not create blockage that could increase the risk of a house fire. Furthermore, a lock top damper can save you money, prevent damage to your home, and protect your health. Call Animals Out Chimney Animal Repair Tuscaloosa today for more information!


When disaster strikes, Animals Out Chimney Repairs Tuscaloosa Alabama is here to help!

Annual inspections are always the best way to ensure that there is not any underlying damage that could cause even more issues. As these issues could get worse, it is always best to schedule your annual chimney sweep. Whether for getting an animal out of your chimney or redoing the seals, we here at Animals Out Chimney Repair Tuscaloosa are always here to help!

Water Damage Found by Animals Out Chimney Sweep Fort Walton Beach

Water Damage

After intense rain, an improper sealed chimney could potentially leak into the roof, rust the firebox, and deteriorate the flue lining system! Give us a call today, we’ll come out, inspect and repair any damage that my be caused to and from a chimney! 



Fireplace in Need of Cleaning Found by Animals Out Chimney Sweep Jacksonville Florida

Firebox Repair and Cleaning

The firebox is an essential part of any fireplace, and replacing it is difficult but fear not, our professionals at Animals Out Chimney Repairs Tuscaloosa, we’ll come out to repair and clean any part of your firebox today. Give us a call!



Lock-Top Damper Installed by Animals Out Chimney Sweep Panama City

Chimney Caps

Raccoons and other animals love dry places to live, and without a chimney cap, they would love to make your chimney their home. Female animals attempt to use your chimney as their home. Raccoons are dangerous intruders since they carry rabies and can attack anyone who gets too close to their babies. After removing the animals, we will ensure that your chimney is in great condition and can install caps to prevent any animal visitors and save you money.

Do You Have Hurricane Sally Damage?

We all know the damages leftover from hurricanes and flooding. Tropical storms and hurricanes bring high winds that can tear up chimney flashing, chimney caps, and chimney crowns and influence the bricks to chip. While stacks are normally sufficiently able to withstand the awful climate, they additionally have higher exposure to them. Strong winds joined with a hefty downpour, and debris made both surface and basic harm to structures including...

Helpful Wood-Burning Tips

Did you know there are over 1,000 species of trees in North America? Each tree produces a different type of wood, with various colors and sizes. The type of wood you burn in your fireplace will affect how hot the fire is, how long it will last, and how much residue will remain.  Whether you are buying wood from your local grocer or getting it from your backyard, it is important to know which type of wood you are going to burn. Some wood is...

Fireplace Tips: What is safe to burn?

Chimneys are intended to consume wood however it tragically turns into a rubbish removal choice for some mortgage holders. Resist the impulse to burn anything in your fireplace that is not firewood — especially trash. The following are things that should never be burned in your fireplace, and some could be a surprise to you. Charcoal Products – Don’t utilize your chimney for consuming charcoal or coal. Utilize those items in your open-air grill...

Why Us

With over 30 years of experience, Animals Out has redefined the industry by taking care of your needs.  Customer Service From a practical standpoint, each one of us can think of a time where although a product was of quality, the customer service was unacceptable. And while other’s might find this mediocrity satisfactory, we find such a standard repulsive.Our commitment to you as our customer, is to provide you with not only good products, but...

Bird Nests and Animals Inside Your Chimney

Animals are beautiful creatures, right? But certainly not when your chimney becomes their abode. That unsettling movement or unpleasant scaring in your fireplace could be a critter that has found a home in your chimney and fireplace home. Some Common Animals That Can Get Into Your Chimney 1. Squirrels Once in a while, squirrels might invade your home through the chimney and are known to cause havoc on furniture and other materials in the house....