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About Animals Out Chimney Sweep Montgomery Alabama

Here at Animals Out Chimney Animal Removal & Chimney Sweep Montgomery Alabama, we strive to treat each customer like our own family. As such, it is our goal to provide you with excellent and professional chimney animal removal here in Montgomery. We look forward to each opportunity to help you, the customer, with each and every chimney or fireplace service we receive. 

For over 30 years, our team has provided you with quality care to ensure accuracy and care for your home. Animals Out Chimney Animal Removal & Chimney Sweep Montgomery Alabama will make sure you are notified with updates regarding arrival times.

You call a plumber when you have plumbing issues.  You call an electrician when you need electrical work done. And when you have animal issues? Call Animals Out Chimney Animal Removal & Chimney Sweep Montgomery Alabama so we can handle it and keep your house safe! We offer the best prices in town, guaranteed!

Water Damage Found by Animals Out Chimney Sweep Birmingham Alabama

When water strikes, Animals Out Chimney Sweep Montgomery Alabama is here to help!

Underlying water damage such as this might indicate a more severe issue; this also could get worse if left alone. If left alone long enough, this could also result in a mold that is harmful if breathed in. We here at Animals Out Chimney Sweep Montgomery Alabama can fix this before this gets even worse.

Chimney Sweep After Animal Removal

One of the reasons animals take shelter within chimneys is because chimneys provide safety during turbulent weather. Consequently, these animals can bring debris into your chimney, damage the inside of your chimney, and even bring other creatures inside your chimney. Therefore, Animals Out Chimney Repair Montgomery Alabama will make sure that the chimney is thoroughly inspected so that you can use your fireplace without worries.

In addition to animal removal, we also install chimney caps. Lock top dampers are the most common for your chimney animal needs. They are inserted at the top of your chimney to prevent animals from entering your chimney. Additionally, we check the flue to make sure the animal did not cause a hole in it. As well, we also check to ensure the animal did not create a blockage that could increase the risk of a house fire. Furthermore, a lock top damper can save you money, prevent damage to your home, and protect your health. Call Animals Out Chimney Repair Montgomery Alabama today for more information!

Chimney Services

We here at Animals Out Chimney Repair Montgomery Alabama pride ourselves in installing, repairing, and replacing chimneys.

Protecting Your Health

An essential part of your household health is maintaining the cleanliness and sturdiness of your chimney. If you notice a buildup of soot in your fireplace, a leak, or any signs of animals having set up camp inside your chimney, it is of the utmost importance that you give us at Animals Out Chimney Repair Montgomery Alabama a call. It is of utmost importance that a chimney sweeping expert should you find an animal in your chimney as these often carry harmful diseases. If you need any chimney or fireplace work, let Animals Out Chimney Repair Montgomery Alabama alleviate your problems! Call us today.

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Rosa Parks Library and Museum

“Historic markers designate the site where Rosa Parks boarded the public bus and where she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger and move to the back. The Rosa Parks Museum, located at the site of Parks’ famous arrest, is centered on Parks’ story and its place in the Civil Rights Movement and features a restored bus and other artifacts..”

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“Anchored by the Amphitheatre, the Harriot II Riverboat, and the historic Union Station Train Shed, Riverfront Park is an entertainment destination on the banks of the Alabama River. Riverboat rides, events, concerts, baseball in Riverwalk Stadium and access to the river via a boat ramp make this park a fun and exciting place for people of all ages.”


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“Enjoy a Haunted Montgomery Tour, for those interested in the colorful but somewhat hidden history of Montgomery. Quite a few of the stories on this tour include historical elements as well as some of the more famous hauntings downtown. “