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Animals Out Chimney Sweep of Savannah

You call a plumber when you have plumbing issues. You call an electrician when you need electrical work done. And when you have animal issues? Call Animals Out Chimney Animal Removal Savannah so we can handle it and keep your house safe! We offer the best prices in town, guaranteed!

We remove all kinds of creatures from your chimney, from bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, rats, and snakes, to even opossums, we have you covered. Some of these animals are dangerous and could attack you if you tried to remove them yourself. Additionally, attempting to burn out animals can cause a dreadful smell which may attract even more critters. Leave it to our professionals!

Chimney Animal Removal Savannah

Animal Removal Aftercare

One of the reasons animals take shelter within chimneys is because chimneys provide safety during turbulent weather. Consequently, these animals can bring debris into your chimney, damage the inside of your chimney, and even bring other creatures inside your chimney. In addition to animal removal, we also install chimney caps. Lock top dampers are the most common for your chimney animal needs. They are inserted at the top of your chimney to prevent animals from entering your chimney. Additionally, we check the flue to make sure the animal did not cause a hole in it. As well, we also check to ensure the animal did not create a blockage that could increase the risk of a house fire. Furthermore, a lock top damper can save you money, prevent damage to your home, and protect your health.

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How do I keep animals from getting in my chimney?

Unfortunately, your home makes an enticing place for animals looking to escape the elements, such as heavy rain, or trying to hide from predators. In the winter, when the temperatures drop, your home provides a place to get warm. Your chimney is an open access point where animals can get in. They might make themselves at home by building a den or a nest; in other situations, they might simply enter and get trapped.

If this should happen, Call your local animal control and explain the situation. Provide as much detail as possible so they can properly prioritize your case. Animal control will send someone to come remove the animal and can provide any instruction specific to your situation. If they do not do that type of removal, call Animals Out Chimney Sweep Savannah, your local chimney sweep, we offer some of the best chimney animal removals.

While you are waiting for a professional to come out be sure to block off the fireplace from the inside. Close the fireplace door or screen, if you don’t have those you can use a tarp and duct tape to cover the opening of your fireplace and prevent the animal from coming into your house. You can also lower a rope down the chimney. This may give the animal something to grab onto and they can climb out of the fireplace.

NEVER, try to smoke the animal out, it is inhumane to burn an animal to death or have it die of smoke inhalation, and you will just end up with a dead animal, or in the case of a nest dead animal, in your chimney. This can be harder to remove than a live one.

Make sure your chimney cap is in good working condition, or if you don’t have one, have one installed. Having a chimney cap is the best measure you can take. Chimney caps are cage-like structures with mesh or screening on all sides that allow ash and smoke to escape your chimney but won’t allow animals in, however, some caps have meshed with large holes that will keep most animals out.

However, they still may let small animals like mice and insects such as bees and hornets get inside the flue. The best cap in the situation of insects is a lock top damper. This acts as a cap and drags in one and will seal out any insects or bugs from ever getting into the chimney

A good chimney cleaning is also key to keeping animals out! At Animals Out Chimney Sweep Savannah, we offer FREE inspections with every sweep!