Animal Removal

Chimney Inspection

Our Chimney Animal Removal Services

At Animals Out, we humanely remove critters that have found their way into your chimney. After we safely remove any animals, we sweep and fumigate the chimney, as well as remove all nesting materials and fecal matter. If there is still an opening through which an animal can re-enter the chimney, we recommend applying a chimney cap or lock top.


These furry little ones are not often found making their nests in chimneys. However, sometimes they will scurry down for shelter during a bad storm, accidentally trapping themselves inside. Once in, they risk damaging your chimney’s damper. Fortunately, we can easily remove them for you!


Although raccoons have the ability to climb out of chimneys, sometimes they can get stuck in the chimney flue. We remove these critters safely and quickly as raccoons carry a number of diseases, which are not only dangerous to you but also a safety concern for operating your fireplace.


Oftentimes, birds will find themselves in your chimney, especially for nesting purposes. Not only can this cause problems for your chimney such as draft issues and odors, but it can also cause health issues. Some birds carry histoplasmosis which is a fungus found in their fecal matter. This infection causes fever, cough, fatigue, chills, headache, aching, and chest pain. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult your doctor and give us a call.


These critters are drawn to your chimney because they are dark and enclosed shelters. Once in, they are trapped because they cannot fly straight up and out of your chimney. Similar to birds, bats carry histoplasmosis which is a fungus found in their fecal matter that can cause harmful side effects. Fortunately, we can easily remove them for you!

Chimney Swifts

These birds commonly find their way into chimneys to escape from predators and harsh elements. They roost vertically and cling to walls, making your chimney walls a perfect place for them to reside. However, they are federally protected migratory birds, making their removal a special case. We are only able to remove chimney swifts that are at least six weeks old or flying.

Don’t Wait Till Something Catastrophic Happens

Most people wait until there is already a problem with their chimney to fix it. This thinking can lead the repair to be more costly and more work has to be done to remedy the problem. 

Schedule a chimney sweep and inspection today. Be proactive, and save money.