About Us

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Why We Are The Best There Is

Quality Service ⋅ Trained Techs ⋅ Warranties

Animals Out was founded on and will continue to operate on a mission that is focused solely on your safety, comfort, and happiness. To honor your time and trust we strive to provide all customers with the best service available. To achieve this, we have trained and experienced master technicians who participate in continual training so we can continue to provide you with quality sweeps, repairs, inspections, and animal removals. We use only the safest and most efficient equipment, products, and processes when providing you with your service. To top it off, we have industry-leading warranties on all repair services so we can further solidify our commitment to your safety, comfort, and happiness.

Animals Out will be around for many years to come so no one in the area will have to feel like they can’t use their fireplace. Your safety, comfort, and happiness with your chimney and fireplace are the mission we live for every day.

Don’t Wait Till Something Catastrophic Happens

Most people wait until there is already a problem with their chimney to fix it. This thinking can lead the repair to be more costly and more work has to be done to remedy the problem. 

Schedule a chimney sweep and inspection today. Be proactive, and save money.